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Can’t-Miss New Switch Games | October 18 – October 22


This week’s Switch releases are a little light, but thankfully there are a few standouts that I’m keeping my eyes on.

Here are some can’t-miss new Switch games this week.

Dying Light: Platinum Edition

The acclaimed open-world zombie survival game, Dying Light: Platinum Edition, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this week.

Dying Light is a 2015 survivor horror title, but this new edition marks the first time it will be available on the Switch. The Platinum Edition includes four DLCs and 17 skin bundles.

In Dying Light, you explore the city of Harran, a Middle-eastern city that has been quarantined due to a viral outbreak that’s causing people to… you guessed it… zombies. The game features a huge open-world and an interesting day-and-night cycle that has an effect on the behavior of the zombies.

If you missed this game five years ago and want to dive in, this new bundle is tempting. Dying Light: Platinum Edition is the definitive version and the promo materials look great, but I have some reservations about its performance on the Switch. The Switch trailer says that the gameplay was captured on Switch, so it could be a non-issue, but in case you’re concerned about it, Dying Light: Platinum Edition will also be available on Playstation, XBOX, and Windows.

Dying Light: Platinum Edition will be released on October 19 for $49.99.

Crazy Gravity

On Wednesday, Crazy Gravity will be coming to the Switch. Crazy Gravity is a retro-styled 2D puzzle-platformer with a twist. As the title suggests, gravity plays a huge role in the gameplay. 

In this side-scroller, you control a little astronaut who’s lost in space. You have to learn to use gravity — including upside-down and reverse gravity — to navigate platforming challenges.

Crazy Gravity is a little short — only 30 hand-drawn levels — but for the price, I think it’s a great value.

Crazy Gravity will be released on October 20 for $4.99.


Coming in on Thursday is an isometric tactical roguelike called Evertried. The game is set in a place called the Tower, consisting of 50 different floors divided into five areas. As you climb the Tower floor-by-floor, you have to defeat enemies in turn-based combat until you reach the area’s boss, the aptly named Floor Guardian.

The interesting thing about Evertried is how the combat and strategy plays out. Enemies move after you, meaning the pace of the game depends on how fast or slow you want to move. So you can take a careful, strategic approach or… not. 

Evertried will be released on October 21 for $19.99.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

The human race’s Imperial Army has mounted an attack on the Demon King’s castle, taking all the demons captive. Well, all except a little skeleton named Skul. In Skul: The Hero Slayer, you take on the role of Skul, fight to push back the forces of good, and save the Demon King and his castle!

By taking off his skull and putting on another one, Skul takes on new abilities, giving you access to 100 “characters” and their different attacks. It’s a unique way to keep the action feeling fresh and giving players dozens of different ways to approach battles.

Skul’s fast-paced combat, awesome pixel-based graphics, and huge cast of playable characters have made this 2D action-platformer one of the most highly anticipated indies of the year. If you’re into retro-style 2D side-scrollers with fast-paced combat, don’t miss Skul.

Skul: The Hero Slayer will be released on October 21 for $21.00.

Justin McGee
Justin McGee
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