Sunday, October 1, 2023

Check Out This Reveal Trailer Of Fan-Made Mother Sequel

Mother 4 is an unofficial fan project with no relation to Nintendo or the developers of the Mother game series. It’s a fan-made sequel to the popular series and is potentially our best chance at getting a new Mother game any time soon. The development team behind the project has finally released a reveal trailer for their upcoming fan game.

The reveal trailer gives us a look at the upcoming fan-game over the four-minute video. The reveal trailer gives us a look at the story and explains that new character Aaron and his friends will be working together to harness the PSI power of the Rift Shells. 

Nintendo owns the rights to the original series which could put the fan game at risk of being shut down. However, Nintendo doesn’t own the rights to Mother, but Itoi does own the rights to the Mother franchise. As long as the developers don’t rip code or assets directly from the original game, the fan-game should be left alone.

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