Tuesday, September 26, 2023

ESRB Rates Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has now received a rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board ahead of its release next year, and the rating gives us some interesting details about Kirby’s next great adventure.

Unsurprisingly, this new 3D Kirby game has been given a rating of “E for Everyone,” meaning the game is suitable for all over the age of 10.

The ESRB explain that the action-adventure game contains fighting “cartoony enemies” and features different weapons such as swords, bombs, and pistols. This means, as expected, there is some violence in the game, but it’s not realistic.

The listing also mentions the game will have players “traverse 3D platforms” while also solving puzzles, collecting coins, and fighting different enemies. Boss battles “can be frentic, with laser fire, explosions, and projectiles flying at Kirby.”

The upcoming Kirby game still doesn’t have a release date, but it is still scheduled for a Spring 2022 release.

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