Tuesday, November 28, 2023

First Look At Switch Sports Is Here

The first hands-on previews for Nintendo Switch Sports are showing up online, and initial reactions to the new game range from mixed to generally positive. There’s also new gameplay footage available online as part of this wave of previews for Nintendo Switch Sports.

Critics have been pleased with almost all aspects of Nintendo Switch Sports so far, with VGC commenting on how good the new sports feel. VGC also noted that the football feels similar to Rocket League despite no cars being involved. Alex Olney at Nintendo Life also felt that the football gameplay would appeal to Rocket League players, but he were slightly more critical, noting that tennis was particularly disappointing:

“We didn’t feel in control, and having players react identically to our swings just felt wrong. It was the same in Wii Sports, of course, but that was nearly 16 years ago.”
– Nintendo Life

IGN and GameSpot have both released video previews of Nintendo Switch Sports. While Nintendo has taken extra care with the safety warnings to avoid more broken TVs, one of the IGN game testers still ran into trouble with football. The TV was fine but it’s a good reminder to be careful while playing!

Nintendo Switch Sports will release on April 29.

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