Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Free Metroid Dread Update Introduces Brutal Difficulty

At the Direct earlier this week, Nintendo managed to put Metroid Dread back in the news. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo just delivered the first update for Metroid Dread since the game was released back in October 2021, and it’s free. Nintendo also announced at the Direct that they have other Dread updates coming as well.

The first Metroid Dread update is available now, and it comes with two new games modes:

Rookie Mode — As the name implies, Rookie Mode is designed for players who are new to the Metroid franchise. Metroid Dread can be challenging, and Rookie Mode gives players a helping hand. In Rookie Mode, Samus replenishes more energy when she defeats enemies, she starts her mission with a higher missile capacity, and the bosses are a little easier to take on.

Unfortunately, Rookie Mode might be a little too late. Metroid Dread has sold extremely well for a 2D Metroid title, but just since it was released late last year, the game has already earned a reputation for being tough. Will Rookie Mode be enough to convince more casual gamers to pick up Dread? Time will tell, but it seems like a missed opportunity. Rookie Mode should have been available from launch.

Dread Mode — Specifically designed for the masochists among us, Nintendo has also introduced Dread Mode, an extremely difficult game mode that leaves no room for error. In Dread Mode, a single hit leads to the Game Over screen.

The Rookie and Dread Modes are available now — all you have to do is update your game — and in April, Nintendo is releasing a second Dread update: Boss Rush Mode. In the Boss Rush, you fight all the game’s bosses, one after another, to see how quickly you can defeat them.

In addition to the new game modes, Nintendo has also made a few other subtle changes to the game, including adding new details to the results screen that appears after you clear the game; however, these new details won’t appear for your old game files. You’ll have to start a new game to see the full results screen.

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Justin McGee
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