Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Life Is Strange: True Colors Arrives On Nintendo Switch

The next addition to the Life is Strange series is releasing for Nintendo Switch on December 7 after the release was delayed from September.

Life is Strange: True Colors was supposed to release for Switch alongside the other major platforms, but a delay pushed the release back slightly. Sadly, this is only for the digital release of the game.

What To Expect

Following the classic style of the series, Life is Strange: True Colors follows a new protagonist with special powers through a choice-based narrative.

The plot follows Alex Chen who is trying to solve the mystery around the death of her brother while also using her psychic empathy powers. Her special abilities allow her to read and manipulate the emotions of others around her which can transform the world around her, guide her interactions with NPCs, and provide players with new choices.

Is It Episodic?

Unlike the previous games in the series, Life is Strange: True Colors is releasing in it’s entirety, so there’s no need to wait for each episode to release. The game is still structured into different episodes — or “chapters” — but everything is available from day one of release.

There are five chapters in the game which replace the typical episodic release structure of the previous Life is Strange games.

Is There A Physical Version?

Life is Strange: True Colors does have a physical version coming in the near future. However, this was delayed a little longer, so it won’t be coming alongside the digital release.

The reason for this is unknown though the currently supply line problems are suspected to be the cause. Nintendo Switch will finally be getting a physical release of Life is Strange: True Colors on February 25, 2022 instead.

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