Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mario Party Superstars Features A Joy-Con Drift Nightmare Mini-Game

Mario Party Superstars is releasing this week, and the full list of mini-games included is already available online. The mini-game list includes the Tug o’ War game from the original Nintendo 64 game. Naturally, it’s a tug-of-war game where one player is dressed up like Bowser and competes against the other players in the game. The Bowser player is given super strength to balance things out and make the game more interesting.

Players need to spin the control stick as fast as possible to pull the other team into the canyon in the middle of the screen. Nintendo intended players to use their fingers to spin the control stick — but some players preferred to use their palms.

Nintendo has added a warning to the screen to tell people to not rotate the control stick with the palm of their hands. When the original N64 Mario Party game released, it attracted some negative press. Apparently, players were injuring themselves by using their palms on the controller joystick instead of their fingers to win the mini-game.

Nintendo of America was even required to agree to a settlement with the New York’s attorney general’s office over the issue.

A Twitter user posted an image of the Tug o’ War screen online, including the full warning from Nintendo. It states that using the palm of your hand could damage your skin, and it might damage the control stick as well.

With the Joy-Con drift issues, the Tug o’ War mini-game could be more difficult for those with controllers afflicted with the issue. There are also some concerned this could lead to more players with the Joy-Con drift with all the frantic control stick spinning.

Mario Party Superstars launches for Nintendo Switch later this week on October 29.

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