Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mario Party Superstars Now Available

Mario Party Superstars is finally here and brings the classic charm of the early Mario Party games back to the world of modern gaming with the Nintendo Switch. The game features five reimagined game boards from the original Nintendo 64 Mario Party with 100 mini games from across the series. It’s the second Mario Party game released for the Nintendo Switch; however, Mario Party Superstars doesn’t contain any new mini-games.

What To Expect

The charm of Mario Party Superstars comes from the fact it brings back classic game boards and popular mini games from across the series. Newcomers to Mario Party won’t get any nostalgic feelings from the game, but previous players certainly will.


If you’ve never played a Mario Party games before, you should know that they’re party games, meaning they’re multiplayer focused. The aim of the game is to get around the game board, rolling the dice to move and landing on different tiles. In Mario Party games, you want to earn as many points and Power Stars by winning mini games and moving across the game board while also collecting other goodies such as gems.

Multiplayer is the focus in Mario Party Superstars. It’s a four-player game, it does feature CPUs to fill in any player gaps. Games in this series have always been about local multiplayer, but Mario Party Superstars features online multiplayer, too. It’s also possible to save games and come back to them later, which is ideal since Mario Party games have been known to run a little long at times. 

Mario Party Superstars is now available on the Nintendo eShop and in retail stores. There’s no demo for the game currently available, though Nintendo might bring one to the store at a later date. This was the case for Metroid Dread which released early this month and has only just received a demo on the eShop this week.

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