Tuesday, September 26, 2023

More NES Games Coming To Switch Online?

Earlier this week, the biggest Nintendo news wasn’t about Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s new release date — it was about a widely circulated Nintendo Switch Online leak. The leak seems to confirm that Nintendo is planning on bringing Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to the subscription service. But today, there’s a brand new leak that appears to show some new NES games coming to the paid service.

The new leak comes from the Switch Online emulator leak which also seems to include the NES Online application. Posted to Twitter by @orcastraw, we can see a range of extra NES games that haven’t been announced or added yet to the service yet. The list includes Castlevania, Pac-Man, Tetris, Megaman, Galaga, and a lot more. The leaked list of titles also includes all currently available games on the NES application.

However, the leaked application is dated to October 2019, so there’s no way to know if Nintendo still plans to add those games. At the moment, it seems to line up with recent additions to the service.

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