Sunday, October 1, 2023

New Footage of Long-Lost GameCube Game BattleBots Appears

Footage from the long-lost BattleBots has appeared on YouTube!

An extended look at the game has been uploaded to YouTube by Gatorbox. It includes footage from different parts of the game including the robot building, tournament mode, arcade mode, and the robot-on-robot combat. Gatorbox was able to get his hands on a working full BattleBots prototype which gives us the first ever look at the gameplay. Before cancellation, the only footage made public was a low quality trailer.

The extended playthrough of the game gives us over 2 hours of content from the game. While it’s clearly an old game, the graphics aren’t terrible and it does look like an almost completed product.

BattleBots was in development for the GameCube and PS2 back in the early 2000s and was being created by Warthog Games. It was based on the British TV show Robot Wars where robots would fight to the death in front of a viewing audience. When the show was cancelled after five seasons, the BattleBots game was shelved.

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