Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New Patent Reveals Nintendo Working On Upscaling Technology

A freshly revealed Patent from 2020 shows that Nintendo is working on technology to upscale their games. While patents can show idea and products that didn’t make it to full release, this patent is an interesting one that could still be relevant today.

First opened in 2020, the US Patent application was finally made public on September 30th. The patent application is for an idea similar to NVIDIA’s real-time upscale image resolution software used in some of its GPUs. That technology is also highly efficient and makes sure the GPU is under less strain. Something like this would be ideal for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo patent is for upscaling technology through machine learning. It would allow Nintendo to release games with a higher graphical quality while keeping the Switch style console. Something like this would be ideal for a supposed 4K version of the Nintendo Switch.

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