Sunday, October 1, 2023

New Splatoon 3 Chill Season Content is Coming in December

Nintendo has announced that new content is coming to Splatoon 3 next month with the “Chill Season 2022.” The new season will come with a host of new content, including new weapons, maps, gear, and game modes. Best of all, the new content is free for everyone with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

There are no exact details on what Splatoon 3 players can expect to see in this update yet, but the short trailer does tease them. It includes a new Charger weapon that seems to be able to fire multiple fully-charged shots in a row, along with a brand new Roller and Shooter.

The new trailer also teases a few brand new maps that will be coming next month. It also looks like sub-weapons for weapons might be changing slightly. Of course, Salmon Run will be getting some new additions too.

Splatoon 3‘s Chill Season 2022 will start on December 1.

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