Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Super Mario Bros. Movie Clip Premieres During Game Awards 2022

As expected at the Game Awards last night, some new footage for The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiered. Hours before the start of the awards show, we got word that Toad’s voice actor, Keegan-Michael Key, would be at the event, so it wasn’t too surprising that this new trailer prominently features him.

Here’s the full clip.

The new clip is a scene from the movie that introduces the Mushroom Kingdom. Sadly, it’s pretty short, but it does give us a great look at the Mushroom Kingdom with some fun Mario references thrown into the mix. There are floating bricks, moving platforms, and of course, pipes. It does put the focus on Toad, who leads Mario through the Mushroom Kingdom to Princess Peach’s palace.

Nintendo is expected to keep slowly releasing clips and information as the Spring 2023 release date approaches.

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