Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Switch Controller Might Be Revealed Sooner Than Expected


Nintendo filed for a new controller earlier this month, and the initial document listed that various parts of the filing would be hidden for about 6 months. However, there was a new update on Tuesday with new filings. The new posting to the FCC website has reduced the confidentiality timer.

The original date was for March 16, 2022, but the new date is for September 24, 2021.

There’s been no provided reason for the decrease but according to the document this is by Nintendo’s request so there must be something planned.

If the controller is Nintendo 64- or GBA- inspired, then we might be expecting a bigger announcement from Nintendo since it would hint more retro games coming to the Switch. However, the controller could also be for the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED console.

Stay tuned.

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