Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Nintendo Copyright Strikes Did You Know Gaming’s Heroes of Hyrule Video

Did You Know Gaming is the most recent notable YouTube channel to have been hit with a copyright takedown notice from Nintendo of America. The YouTube channel is best known for documenting long-lost video game history and reporting interesting trivia for different games, including Nintendo titles.

This week, Nintendo of America took down Did You Know Gaming’s video for the lost Zelda game Heroes of Hyrule.

Explaining the situation on Twitter, Did You Know Gaming confirms the video was taken down by Nintendo and provides a screenshot of the message from YouTube. The Twitter account explains that “this was a journalistic video documenting a game that Retro Studios pitched to Nintendo nearly 20 years ago.” Nintendo rejected the pitch, and the game was never made.

The copyright strike has come from Nintendo of America Inc., but it’s not clear if this is from the actual Nintendo of America. It’s been confirmed that false copyright claims have been issued by other companies or individuals in the past.

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