Sunday, October 1, 2023

Nintendo Drops New Metroid Dread Trailer

Nintendo dropped a new (and almost 5-minute) trailer for the upcoming Metroid Dread last Friday. This new trailer gives us a fresh look at the gameplay, weapons, map, and more. While it’s an overview trailer of MetroidDread, there’s quite a bit of detail here.

Taking place on Planet ZDR, the legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran must explore the planet and defeat enemies to escape the dreaded planet. The trailer reveals that as the game progresses, players will be able to explore the entire planet at any time once they’ve unlocked the right abilities.

While the abilities can be used for exploration, they are also used for combat. Research robots will hunt and chase Samus if hear her, being captured is a game over and they are very difficult to defeat but escaping them is possible.

The new trailer tells us a lot and it’s great to see more gameplay action of Metroid Dread ahead of release.

Metroid Dread will release for Nintendo Switch on October 8.

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