Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nintendo eShop Adds “Most Played” Section

Nintendo has recently added a new section to the Switch eShop. Users can now browse the “Most Played” section to discover the games other users have been playing a lot of recently. The new section allows players to see what games are currently trending according to play time “over the past two weeks.” 

The “Most Played” section will be changing on a regular basis to highlight whatever games are most popular at the moment. It might also list other applications too which are being frequently used and meet the requirements set by Nintendo to be listed in this section.

Users can expect to see different games in the section based on their region and what store they have access to. The Most Played section can be found either in the “Featured” or “Discover” parts of the eShop depending on your region and the store you have access to.

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