Sunday, October 1, 2023

Nintendo Has A Lot Planned For Kirby’s 30

Nintendo didn’t just acknowledge Kirby’s new game in their latest financial report, the company also acknowledged the franchise’s upcoming 30th anniversary. Nintendo is planning a variety of events and projects in collaboration with developer HAL Laboratory to celebrate the anniversary.

The financial report states that they are “planning a variety of projects” for this year. In the document, Nintendo reveals that these are “aimed at sharing the charm of the Kirby series with many people.” We can expect multiple announcements to be coming from Nintendo very soon about their plans to celebrate the anniversary. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many details about these mysterious projects.

Despite nothing concrete from Nintendo, rumors of a new Kirby game announcement have been spreading, going as far as to suggest that the game may be revealed later this month. While it’s not confirmed, a new game announcement would perfectly with the different Kirby celebrations taking place this year.

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