Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nintendo: Keep Your Switch Cool

A huge part of the Nintendo Switch’s appeal is its go-anywhere portability, especially during the summertime. But before you take your Switch outdoors, take a peek at the temperature.

Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account has released a warning about using your Switch console in high temperatures, specifically, temperatures above 35 Celsius or 95 Fahrenheit due to the potential of it overheating. Alternatively, Nintendo also notes that the console should not be used in temperatures below 5 Celsius or 45 Fahrenheit.

Nintendo says that if the Switch gets too hot, “it may sleep automatically to protect the main unit.”

But the temperature warning isn’t just about playing it handheld in warm weather — it’s also about overheating while docked. The Japanese Nintendo Support page also recommends that users “install the Nintendo Switch Dock in a location that does not retain heat” to avoid it overheating. If your Switch dock is located in a closed console or cabinet, it could be getting a little too hot, causing it to automatically sleep.

Also, don’t forget to make sure your Switch’s intake and exhaust ports are clear. Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate inside your unit and cause it to overheat. You can remove dust and debris from the air intake ports with a vacuum cleaner.

Nintendo’s announcement comes at the same time as a heatwave in Japan, but many regions are currently experiencing higher than normal temperatures, so anyone currently in a hot zone needs to take extra care when using their Nintendo Switch and other devices.

Justin McGee
Justin McGee
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