Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Our 6 Most Important Games Ever

It is Episode 15 of the Nintendo Watcher Pod, and Matthew forces The Watchers to publicly tie themselves to the three most important games of their lifetimes, but there is a catch…

Because this is Nintendo Watcher, Matthew constructs a list of arbitrary rules they must abide by (even though he refuses to commit to all of them himself): Each game must have appeared on a Nintendo console or handheld The Watchers must have no duplicate picks between their lists No individual list can contain two games from the same generation Each game must hold personal significance to the Watcher Each game must have either left a mark on the industry or launched the career of a significant personality.

Tune in to find out what Matthew and Justin consider to be the six most important games of the last thirty years, and then stick around for our Game Recommendations of the Week: Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology & Rune Factory 4: Special Edition

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