Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pikmin Bloom Mobile Game Now Available In The Americas

Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom mobile game is now available for download for a handful of regions across the world, including the Americas.

Australia and Singapore were the first regions where Pikmin Bloom was launched, and now mobile users across the Americas can now download it, too. The new mobile game has a similar concept to the incredibly popular Pokémon Go, another game Niantic made with Nintendo.

Like Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom is built around the concept of making players go outside and walk to different places. Unlike Pokémon Go, the main aim is for players to leave a trail of flower petals behind them as they walk to grow their Pikmin. The game also allows players to keep track of their memories and past moments through walking.

While the game is not yet available globally, Pikmin Bloom is now available across all of North America, including the US and Canada. A European launch is expected in the future alongside other regions in the coming weeks.

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