Tuesday, November 28, 2023

PowerWash Simulator is Headed to the Switch

The simulator genre has some… interesting games, but the newest sim coming to the Nintendo Switch might be the strangest one yet. Developed by U.K.-based FuturLab, PowerWash Simulator has been a popular release on PC with gamers instantly falling in love with it.

The game’s simple: Players need to build their power-washing business by cleaning everything presented to them in each level. (File this one under “oddly satisfying.”)

FuturLab got a surprising publisher for PowerWash Simulator: Square Enix. In fact, it was Square Enix that announced that PowerWash Simulator was heading to Switch at the Tokyo Game Show. And the announcement did not disappoint. The trailer for PowerWash Simulator was a bit of a parody of commercials for real power washing companies. While the Japanese trailer is pretty fantastic, even if you don’t speak Japanese, there are also English trailers for the game as well.

Quickly dubbed the “Splatoon Cleaning Service” by Nintendo fans, this powerwasher includes a career mode and online co-op for the really messy jobs. There’s no release date yet, but Switch owners can expect this new sim to arrive soon.

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