Sunday, October 1, 2023

Show & Tell: The SaGa Series

Matthew introduces Justin to the SaGa series.

The Watchers look at the career of lead developer and creator, Akitoshi Kawazu, try and explain the difference between the various sub-series and their place in the SaGa franchise, and Matthew makes the case for why everyone should experience at least one SaGa game in their lifetime. 

What is it that makes this series resonate with Matthew? What is it doing that differentiates it from the Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests of the world? And where do we find the series in 2022? On its last legs? Poised for a breakthrough/revival? 

Plus: Matthew introduces the first “official” Nintendo Watcher Game Club entry of 2022: SaGa Frontier Remastered!

Justin will have two months to play his first entry in the SaGa series before reporting back on the experience.

Lastly, The Watchers catch you up on what they have been enjoying with the Recommendations of the Week.

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