Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Physical Editions Delayed Indefinitely For Europe


Sega has announced that will be a delay for all physical copies of Sonic Colors: Ultimate. However, the problem seems to only be in Europe. The delay is for the EMEA market regions excluding Australia and New Zealand. Sadly, this means that Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will all be hit by the delay.

According to the Twitter announcement, the delay is due to “unforeseen logistical issues” in the region. It’s suspected this may be due to the current difficulties with the transportation of goods. Sega has confirmed that the digital release for the game will still be going ahead as normal for Sonic Colors: Ultimate within the EMEA market regions.

Sega has apologized for the “unfortunate delay” and promises that more information will be coming soon. Sonic Colors: Ultimate will release for Nintendo Switch on September 7; however, the physical versions will only be available for those in the US, Canada, Australia, and other regions outside EMEA.

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