Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Square Enix Interested In More SNES HD-2D Remakes?

Will Square Enix dip into its back catalog (again) for more HD-2D remakes of classic Super Nintendo games? The answer appears to be, “probably.” According to Japanese publication Famitsu, Square Enix developers say that the company expects to make more HD-2D remakes from the SNES days.

But unless you can understand Japanese, taking a look at the interview isn’t super insightful. Thankfully, VideoGameChronicle has graciously provided a translation of the poignant points of the discussion. In an interview, Triangle Strategy developers revealed the call for more HD-2D games is coming straight from the top of the Square Enix organization.

Game producer Tomoya Asano says that the president of Square Enix, Yosuka Matsuda, has “ordered” them to “make more use of HD-2D” graphics. The team compiled a list of potential remakes that could use the HD-2D style and brought it to the president.

According to the interview, the list includes a wide range of games. Some titles were good candidates for HD-2D remakes, while others wouldn’t be “suitable” for this new art style. The team concluded that Live A Live was the most suitable choice and that ActRaiser was the second best.

Live A Live was recently announced to be getting a remake and is scheduled for release on July 22. Actraiser has already received a remake for Switch — Actraiser Renaissance — but it didn’t use the HD-2D style.

We are also still waiting for more information about the Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake that was announced during last year’s Dragon Quest 35th anniversary event.

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