Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Super Punch-Out!! Actually Has a Secret Two-Player Mode

A historic discovery has been made in Super Punch-Out!!, 28 years after it was originally released in 1994. There’s actually a hidden two-player mode built into the game.

Twitter account Unlisted Cheats has discovered the hidden mode and posted the information online. It doesn’t require any special hardware or hacks since the secret mode is built into the cartridge. Anyone with access to a working copy of Super Punch-Out!! (and two SNES controllers) can test this for themselves.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Super Punch-Out!! Start Menu
  2. Hold down the “Y” and “R” buttons on the second player’s controller
  3. Then press “Start” OR the “A” button on the first player’s controller
  4. You can select the boxer for player two at this point
  5. Then the second player needs to hold down “B” and “Y” on their controller until the match begins

Doing this allows the second players to be a range of boxers from the game including some from the Special Circuit. Doing this allows the CPU opponent to be controlled by a second player which effectively makes it a PvP match.

Since the original tweet, YouTubers have been uploading videos of themselves accessing the two-player mode. Here’s the samred YouTube channel showing how it works. GameXplain has posted a video

This is a pretty exciting find and it works on the Nintendo Switch Online version of Super Punch-Out!! as well. Anyone with access to the game can try this built-in button code for themselves.

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