Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Other Side — Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Welcome back to Episode 16 of the Nintendo Watcher Pod! This week, The Watchers go off-script with the first-ever Nintendo Watcher Presents: The Other Side. In this episode, they discuss the games they have been playing that they wish were on the Nintendo Switch.

For the inaugural flight, Justin and Matthew discuss a fan-favorite Sega franchise: Yakuza! But it wouldn’t be Nintendo Watcher if they didn’t manage to bring it around to JRPGs, so instead of focusing on the series at large, they turn their attention to 2019’s Yakuza: Like a Dragon to discuss the influence of Dragon Quest on the series’s radical reinvention.

Matthew offers a brief history of the Yakuza series, discusses the shift from beat-’em-up inspired action-RPG to turn-based Dragon Quest-like, and checks in with Justin’s early progress with the series.

Stick around after the break for The Watcher’s Game Recommendations of the Week: Eastward‘s Earth Born mini-game and Citizen Sleeper.

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