Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Scarlet & Violet Pokécast: 3rd Time’s the Charm(ander)?

On this week’s episode of the Nintendo Watcher Podcast, Justin and Matthew are joined by special guest and certified Pokémanic Jeremy Rivers to talk about the newest Pokémon generation, Scarlet and Violet.

The trio talks about their histories with the Pokémon franchise, how they typically approach a new Pokémon game, what they think about Scarlet and Violet, how the new generation stacks up against previous installments, and finally — the proverbial Snorlax in the room — the games’ poor performance on the Nintendo Switch.

Jeremy is the co-host of the pop culture GenMix Podcast, a podcast that bridges the gap between generations through music, creative industry trends, and more. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts.

Watch the full Scarlet and Violet Pokécast here.

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