Sunday, October 1, 2023

What to Expect from No More Heroes III


It’s finally here! The long-awaited No More Heroes III is finally out, and we can get our hands on the full game. Travis Touchdown is back for yet another gloriously chaotic game, and Nintendo has been kind enough to keep up updated on what to expect.

 If you’re unfamiliar with the series, No More Heroes follows Travis Touchdown on his action-adventure missions. Each game usually has Travis fighting to reach the top of the assassins ranking and beat up some big bads. The games are usually open-world, meaning that you’re free to complete side-missions and other content away from the linear storyline. There’s plenty of hack-and-slash combat in these games and some wrestling moves are thrown in too!

What is No More Heroes III About?

When some evil alien superheroes arrive on Earth and attempt to conquer the planet, Travis Touchdown is our only hope. Led by the evil Prince FU, the Galactic Superhero Rankings are being helped by humans in their effort to take over the planet. Naturally, Travis needs to fight his way through the rankings to reach the top and take down Prince FU to save the planet.

Entering ranked battles is expensive, so players will need to work different jobs and complete missions around town to earn the money to enter the next battle. There are also plenty of delicious foods to buy that will give you special bonuses for the big fight.

With his trusty lightsaber — err, I mean, “Beam Karana” — Travis will hack-and-slash his way through enemies so he can use the Slash Reel. Hitting that Slash Reel jackpot will also activate a hyper-powered mech suit to use in combat. He also has his Death Glove and a Skill Tree you can customize to find the best combinations.

With new gameplay features and the return of beloved ones, No More Heroes III will take at least 15 hours to complete. It’s the longest game in the series so far with plenty of content.

No More Heroes III is now available on the Nintendo store.

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