Sunday, October 1, 2023

Unsurprisingly, the European Release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector’s Edition is Pure Chaos

After the absolute disaster that was the North American pre-order of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector’s Edition, we all hoped that Nintendo would get its (digital) act together. But, perhaps not completely unsurprisingly, the recent European and United Kingdom release of the latest game in the Xenoblade series was just as rocky.

In both the North American and European regions, Nintendo opted to sell the collector’s edition exclusively on the My Nintendo Store. Sadly, the My Nintendo Store wasn’t prepared for the amount of traffic the Xenoblade release generated, and the site crashed.

Due to the “high number of customers on the site,” eager Xenoblade fans struggled to get through to the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector’s Edition My Nintendo Store page. The website is now back online, but there’s a new problem: post-purchase errors.

Xenoblade fans have taken to Twitter about their experiences with trying to get a pre-order.

According to the reports, fans have been going through the ordering process and getting an “error” at the end of it. Afterward, their account doesn’t list any new orders. It’s unclear what seems to be happening here.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo’s website has had trouble holding up under a massive traffic spike. It’s still hard to get a Nintendo 64 controller, for example. And like the collector’s edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can’t just go to a store and buy an N64 controller — you have to purchase it through Nintendo’s website. It’s an unnecessarily frustrating experience that leaves many fans empty-handed and further inflates the price resellers ask for on eBay.

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Justin McGee
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