Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Having Connection Issues with Splatoon 3? You’re Not Alone

Nintendo’s Japanese support Twitter account has confirmed that Nintendo is aware of the connection issues affecting Splatoon 3. The company states the problems are under investigation and offers a potential manual fix that players can use for now.

Since the release of Splatoon 3, players have been complaining about errors caused by connection issues, including problems joining matches and having progress wiped at the end of the match when playing Anarchy Battles and Salmon Run.

For those suffering from the black screen start-up problem, Nintendo has offered a short-term solution:

  1. Disconnect the Nintendo Switch from the internet (e.g. set it to airplane mode)
  2. Start “Splatoon 3” then create your player character appearance and continue to Bankara
  3. Once in Bankara Street, connect the Nintendo Switch to the internet
  4. Enter the lobby to transfer save data and select your festival region

While there is no permanent fix yet for all the problems, Nintendo has confirmed they will be coming. Hopefully, Nintendo will be able to release some fixes for the connection issues this week.

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